Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Green Abudhabi

I am walking through the narrow road with red sand having full of bushes and trees on both sides. I can see the blue sky getting white and snow white. While watching for a while, the sky is getting clouds and they becoming dark. The rain started and I have no umbrella with me. Felt so happy that I can enjoy the rain with reason. I opened my hair so that it will cover my face and the water flowing through my face, neck and feeling wet and shivering full body.

Ah, it is getting dark also. I am on the way back to school. Nobody is on the way. I feel so scared. What to do? I started reading all the known Ayats of Quran not to feel afraid. Closing the eyes tightly, I was running straight, but somebody kicked me and I opened my eyes. Where I am ? I checked my hair, it is not wet, not open also. Where is my rain which I was enjoying? Where is the darkness? The road, the trees, the blue sky and the wind, nothing. I checked around. Yes, at last I got it, it was a picture hanging on the wall of my office.

How beautifully man has created the nature in one tiny frame! He is cutting the trees, killing the animals and destructing the forest in one side, though Medha Patkar and Menaka Gandhi is shouting too high. Sheikh Zayed is planting trees one by one and he is making the whole Abudhabi a forest. When I travel from dubai to abudhabi, I feel that I am nearing towards my banks. But Abudhabi baladiya is on the process of take over by Dubai. Yesterday on the way to Abudhabi somebody told me that these trees are not getting water nowadays.Dubai and Abudhabi seems they are fighting.

From dubai to the border of AD, the road is full of concrete forest with different colours of glass and steel. After crossing the desert of Jebel Ali, we see the artificially made natural beauty of Abudhabi. I feel jealous of the heart and mind behind this rare investment. I know one day the concrete technology of Dubai will conquer these trees and the effort behind it. But who will be there to cry for them. Why to wonder? There is nobody to cry for those crying souls of the lives burning in the sands of Palastine and Iraq.

I can see the leaves of the tree moving slowly slowly. It is growing big and I feel there is the chance of a heavy rain. So I am leaving office now. bye